Wednesday at the cubana?

im going, or gonna try how long ill stay out is another thing…

Sorry smiled am gonna pass tonight…

after falling asleep in a meeting today - think i am gonna try and get some rest and relaxation - think the jet lag is finally catching up with me… Sorry

So is anyone still going???

I’ll definately be there - minidisk in hand to record a few of you for next weeks podcast - also - I’m not on the bike that’s how bloody dedicated I am! ha! fair weather riders.

All these fair weather riders - all you need is waterproofs!

…or soggy leathers

well it looks like it may stay dry for a few hours and my bike does not melt in the rain so ill be there around 7:30

I will be there! I’m on the ‘proper’ bike scooter today so the rain doesn’t bother me!

Well as long as it’s not raining too much I should be there probably around 7.30/8

Will probably pop into the Ace on the way and see if there is anyone there to ride in with.

me and the missus are meeting ginger at the Ace bout 6.45ish.

I should be there about that sort of time. Rode in with ginge 2 weeks ago.

Don’t bother waiting for me if I’m not there though as I could be delayed and I’ll find it from there anyhows!

Not able to make it this week got friends in Town and out for dinner now.

Have a good one,


wolfie…smiled…if your still going and dont mind getting wet …then shall we meet at the petrol garage as smiled suggested? it is 6.30 now just got in and got to collect the misses…shoul make the garage at 7.30?

let us know guys !!!

hi benny, the shell oposite the hospital, i will be there.

what rain?

Can’t make tonight see you at the pool comp or next week

Hey Guys! i cant beleive how unlucky we have been with the weather! ive only been a member for 2 weeks and this is the 2nd attempt at trying to meet up, but ive put it off again as fazer keeps glaring at me, shes not gonna let me take her out in the wet!! i really hope to be able to meet all of ya next week and have a couple of drinks!

till then have a drink for me!!

No way at all I can make it …stuck here and working…have a good one and I hope the weather holds out for you…

and if anyone sees Cez and Matt with any of that Podcast Recording Equipment, Keep a close eye on the both as I think there might be a conspiracy…

I have a funny feeling one of those two will take advantage of me not being there !!!

Came out the office at 8.45 to find a monsoon blowing so decided to go home, the waterproofs leaked like a sieve and the bike needed waterwings to get me home. Now cold and wet so having a cup of tea to warm me up.


i went met benny breifly nice to meet ya see ya saturday man that was some seroius rain

Si change the avatar…I think this might be the key to the weather problem…