Wednesday 24th April meet

Any newbies goin to the meet wednesday? Pls let me know, id love to join.

hey no worries if not, why not pop down anyway, it would be lovely to see you!

hey Ash - I wont be there as I’m going away for a couple of days but don’t be shy! We all had to do our 1st meet not knowing anybody and we all lived to tell the tale, and go back for more!!

I guess with your new bike there’ll be plenty of people wanting to talk to you about it

cheers fella… i think i will.

ur right… its the only way to meet new riders! I’ll b there.

Turn up anyway

We don’t bite

Don’t worry Ashr1, if mine decides to work, I’ll be there too, looking very sheepish and lost no doubt

Welcome Ash !

We have a Newbie night the first Monday of every month too

Hope to see you there !