Wednesday 20th July - evening.

Due to the inclement atmosphere at the Mucky Duck a couple of weeks back we shall not be going there this week. What we have planned, is a back road run from boxhill to bury hill in Sussex. On the way back we shall be stopping at a pub on the A29 at Adversane.

Is anyone interested in going? No time has been set for the off yet. But will post when its decided, so if you do want to attend, please let me know what time you can be at Boxhill for.

what happened at the mucky duck?

Hay Chuffster, Me and Stan will be up for this. I’ve heard about Berry Hill but never been, was going to do the Boxhill to Mucky Duck anyway.

We were leaving earlyish from Boxhill at about 17:45 but can adjust accordingly. What time can anyone be at boxhill for? I am going with the Boxhill Forum, well a few of them anyway, not sure of numbers yet and not sure what time we will leave. may make it about 19:30 and go have a blat around earlier.

As for the Mucky Duck. 2 weeks ago, while having a nice social gathering, the road rats and the vikings decided to have a bit of a punch up. Now I know knuckle dusters were involved, as I saw them at very close quarters. Rumour has it that there was also a meat cleaver. Now I am not usually a wimp, but theres loads of them and I really do like all my body parts left where they are so shall not be there for a few weeks.

So lets find out who wants to come out on Wednesday and what time they can meet.

So far

Mille Monster
Chuffster - any time from 17:30

Sorry Guys, can’t make tonight, maybe next time. I went past Bury Hill car Park the other day, wow some nice roads from Boxhill.


Sorry Chuffster, im out too. Got to watch my two little monsters now and wont be able to get to Box till 8.30 at the soonest.

Nothing wimpish about that Chuffy… let the wallies brain each other so you can go back to ya social meets!

No problems, shall hoon around the surrey countryside from 17:30. Meeting boxhill 19:30 where I shall be running with some others down to Bury Hill. Back towards Box on the A29. Visit a watering hole on way for some refreshment and chat. Looks like its going to be a nice evening as well.


wish i read this before, as i was out in the area on my day off!

would have been good to ride with a fellow green zx7! grrrr

No worries mate, had a good blat and led the squad out at nearly 20:00 for a run down to bury hill. Stopped for a bit of social in a pub on the A29 on way back.

I dont actually ride the 7 on the road anymore as its a tad illegal, I currently run a 636, yet again in green, the best colour! Maybe catch up with you soon.