Wednesday 04/01/2012 blackheath tea hut whos up

just been up the to hut to find out when they reopen and they will be open again on Wednesday morning so will be going up there that night just woundering if many people gunna be up there will be my first night up there when its open on my new bike since i passed my full motorbike test :slight_smile:

I shall be up there. Need to go to essential rubber too.

Have dinner plans that night, but look forward to a New Year trip up the following week to see you 'orrible lot :wink: Need to have another go on that Street Triple R as well.

I’ll be up there ,

AS will DTR Ross :slight_smile:

So long as it aint as wet as today…will be there.

I’m sure I will be after a stop at BMM :wink:

look forward to seeing some people i haveent meet yet as im quite new to LB so a round of teas and coffee will be on me at one point during the night :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll make sure I get there early :stuck_out_tongue:

i might make the effort if the rain stays away but i got 2 weeks off from next week so prob make the ace cafe on a friday night too:cool:

I may be able to make it on my new ride

:smiley: nice

I’m about to head off too the hut.

Hope to see a few of you down there.

Just got home and i’m cold so not coming out tonight :frowning:

I was gonna go but then Daniel lied to me about the weather so I decided to seek comfort in bed with the company of a mediocre woman and the hangover 2…

PS Daniel, were over :cool:

mediocre woman? So you raised your standards finally?

:crying: but all those good times doesn’t it count for anything! :crying:

I definitely would have come except for the fact I was eating dinner with an old friend in town :slight_smile: Hope you had fun and it wasn’t too wet!

BTW has anyone invented windscreen wipers for visors yet? There’s a Dragon’s Den in there somewhere!

A bit of wood polish on the visor works just fine lol.

Lots of people have given me tips about rain on visors - spray, polish, using no visors at all, plastic fingers attached to gloves etc :slight_smile: Yet, in the time I first asked this, when I first had my 125, NO ONE has yet invented windscreen wipers for visors. That was 7 years ago:blink: At risk of diverting the excellent BH on Wed thread into a new subject - where is the entrepeneur who can pitch this to the Dragons ?:smiley:

The only issue with that is that you’re going to look like a bit of a plank with a battery pack hanging off your helmet lol. Also, where you going to put the motors without compromising safety. I certainly don’t want to swallow the motor or have a windscreen wiper in my eye lol.

Also, the plastic fingers would be pretty cool around Halloween with a bit of fake blood :slight_smile: