Wedensday Meet?

Just out of interest what time do people usually stick around till on a wednesday night? I dont get in till 6 and wouldnt get there till 7. Only lived in London for a few weeks and want to meet some new bikers for some ride outs.

Cheers Ryan

Welcome to LB :cool:

All depends how cold it is :wink: But later than 7 :slight_smile:

sound enough!

Probably make an apperance next week then! Black suzuki bandit, billy no mates!!! :smiley:


Hi and welcome aboard.


hey dude, welcome!:smiley:

Hi and welcome my Bandit fella!

hello hello, and hello!

am actually quite looking forward to a cuppa and a natter on wedneday now! this has been alot more welcoming than the fellow commuters in the morning! jeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee some of the idiots round here cant ride!!!

undertaking on THE INSIDE round bends. amongst alsorts of mentalist behaviour. plus what ever happened to the fellow “nod”.

Im assuming you guys know of this lunasi??? and will only laugh about simalar stories?

ahhhhh welcome to the crazy london commute… u get used to it, look forward to seeeing ya on weds

Hi and welcome, dont think the nod works out in rush hr traffic as your head would fall off .

hi and welcome

wenesdays till late unless is really cold and nobody s coming