wed 26 june- brands hatch, anyone going??

hi guys, just booked me on wed 26 june at brands hatch just wondering if anyone else is going? weathers looking good no rain!!

i booked it on focused events, still 6 places left last time i looked.


me n few friends are looking to go, they already booked, just me left…still hesitating about the variable English weather!!! :ermm:

I’d like to, but I’m on six night shifts that week :crying:

lol i looked on bbc weather, looking decent for wed,thurs,fri but that could also mean piss down and thunderstorms i geuss lol…just do it!

was light rain every day next week except Wednesday and Friday when I checked this morning…lol

Apegs - It said Thunderstorms for Monday, last week! It was sunny ALL DAY :cool:

so basically dont listen to what the bbc say! just hope and pray night before…do you lot do any other tracks? because i wana do another track somewhere else maybe little more even and bigger?

If the weather’s nice I might trundle along with my camera mate. :wink:

yea wicked! my old man is gonna come down aswell he likes to watch and gloat about the good old days of the r1s,zx12s blah blah lol so you chat with him!

Not so much other tracks, but only because I dont have a van. Brands gets smashed because its good and close

ye same, brands is under 25mins for me, but ive heard good things about snetton so i would try go up there soonish, ive got a little van , kangoo just about gets the r6 in with about no clearances! ha need to get a bigger van really…

Snett is awesome, but don’t get caught out after the long back straight. Theres a cheeky s bend there :wink:

Booked, I think about 7 or 8 of us in total booked together :cool:

wicked! im on a blue r6 2000… im the novice group mate u lot in the fast?

we lot are in inters for having some footage of each other, but couple of us might change it to fast in the afternoon. do u wanna PM me your mobile number so I can text u garage number when we get there, we aim to be there by 7am.

Hi chaps, I am joigning you as well !

I am a Big novice (only did one Trackday with a different bike under the rain …)

Who else is a Novice ?



Hi Draud, u wanna PM me ur number as well? so u wil know which garage we r in once u arrive?