Websites and/or advice please!!

Hey everyone, I’m just hoping for some pointers or decent websites where I can look at toying with my ER-5. Problem is, I recently test-rode the GSR6 and absolutely fell in love with it only to find that the finance fell through!! :frowning:

Now that I know I’m gonna have to keep my ER for another couple of years yet, I just wanna make it a lil easier on the eye with small cosmetic changes like new wing mirrors, indicators etc.

But if anyone has any pointers for small improvements on the engine it’ll be appreciated as I’m kinda new to the mechanics thing but would like to use this bike to learn a lil more about the engine!

You can change indicators very easily, new exhaust would probably give your a bit more power - at least sound better! Couple of LB stickers and guaranteed extra BHP and definate street cred! :smiley:

I don’t know the differences between the ER5 and the GPZ500 - I would imagine the cams are different and maybe the carbs.

A jet kit and decent filter could make a difference along with a free-flowing pipe…

Cheers for the advice guys, found a jet kit but finding it surprisingly difficult to find air filters!! Also, do ya happen to know if there would be an ignition advancer for the ER? Not sure if the engine is sporty enough for anyone to have made one for it.

As for the LB stickers, I’m suprised I didn’t think of it before! I’ll be sporting them at the first meet I attend!!!:smiley: