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Hi everyone!!!

I’m a new rider in the UK and I just bought my bike!! :slight_smile: Could someone tell me a good website to buy new stuff for the bike?

Thank you so much.

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Although to to a shop to try on/ be advised on a helmet. Buy it there as well as they’ve been so kind to advise you. If you see it cheaper online they might price match it.


Welcome to the UK and London Bikers. Assuming you’re riding a 125 on a CBT I’d recommend you spend your hard earned on training and passing your full test before lashing out on accessories and bling for a 125 that in all probability isn’t a keeper.

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Welcome to the forum. Enjoy the bike
I always used for my maintenance consumables

What exactly are you looking for? Is it things to keep it maintained, to buy extra bits to make it look and sound different or for gear like clothing etc?

Sportsbikeshop is a good place but you’ll probably find there’s a few different sites for different things.

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Thank you so much and I think it means sense what you are saying, I was thinking to buy heated grips to get my hands worm but not really into change everything from my first bike.

Thank you so much

Thank you so much, I’m looking into heated grips and dash cam for the motorcycle.

For something like a dashcam, I would do some research as to which model you want, then find out where it’s sold. It’s usually easier than trying to go through what each shops sells. Especially when you can get a lot of stuff on Amazon.

Heated Grips pretty much everyone will do… Oxford probably arre the most used ones and I’ve also used the R&G ones. My biggest learning is that putting them on is not as easy as people make out, when it’s your first time with any work on the bike. Also, the controllers will fail at some point. Best you can hope is that it’s during the summer.

If you plan to ride all year long and don’t mind looking like a courier, get some Tucano Urbano muffs… Best thing I ever had on the bike.

The debate as to heated grips vs heated gloves vs muffs is a very common one and everyone has their preference.

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Heated grips are not my cup of tea I prefer muffs. That said I think they are one of the few add ons that make a used bike more attractive when selling on. They won’t add value, they will add interest for a quicker sale.

The Oxford heated grips seem to be one of the most popular brands and they’re reasonable priced too especially if you can get them when there on discount.

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Muffs are not my cup of tea I prefer heated gloves!

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See what I mean @Cb125RHector? :rofl:

You beat me to that

The Germans at are really good. I’ve ordered a few things from them and they have arrived a day later. They have a UK version of their site and prices in £ too.

As for Muffs vs Heated Grips vs Heated Gloves. Muffs every time. I could ride in non waterproof summer gloves during winter with muffs on my old CB500. Most of the heat you lose in your hands is through convection and Muffs eliminate convection (and all water) so your hands stay toasty warm. Don’t worry about not being able to see the controls either, you never look at them anyway. It’s muscle memory you are not aware of.

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