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I’ve been approached by a company for a premium domain name that I own. However, they have firmly put the ball in my court by asking how much I want for it. I’ve looked up some preium names and they fetch anywhere from £1200 ex vat to £1.2m ex vat.

Does anyone have any experiance of this sort of thing and know how much I should ask?



1.2 mil sounds cool, can I be manager and take 25% please.

Seriously though, not that I am prying, but what is the domain name and who are the company that are after it. Size of company and a check of their books via companies house could help determine a figure.

Sound advice. You need to know what it’s worth to them, and how much they’re willing to pay, and when. You could always give it to them for the cost of a few shares, if they’re a profitable company, you might make more that way, and keep them happy.

Yer, I thought that too, I wish

Done that. They are a big US company by the same name so are very keen to get it. I feel a new bike coming on

Well I’ve been getting their email for the past 2 years everytime someone mis-types thier address (i.e. they have a hyphen in their version).

More research me thinks.

Research definately required. Aim high and see what they come back with.

Another question is whats it worth to you? How much effort have you put into it, what did it cost you etc etc. I wish you luck.

Bloody hell minimo could be a good earner there.

I saw him first…

Haven’t these cases gone both ways in the courts; I remember reading about people losing the right to the website addresses if they’ve been deemed to have bought them in the first place with the intention of effectively forcing companies to buy the addresses to avoid losing customers.

Sounds like you’ll need an intellectual property lawyer. Maybe Flick is familiar with this or could recommend somebody.

Yep, I’ve seen the same articles. Get some legal advice if the numbers start to rack up. blimey tho, I thought about doing that years ago but never got around to it (like so much in life :sigh)

Try this if you haven’t already


Good luck mate, and that S4R is getting a good write up…

Oh, and remember that with so many new 'tld’s about now (the bit after the ‘dot’) they may just register the same name with an alternative end if you push’em too far…



Url’s used to go for silly money back in the good old days - might still be worth a few grand to the right person though which can’t be bad.

Mate! You need professional help. Someone that will know this company assets and possibilities of expansion. Some companies spend millions on an expansion business plan to find out that the key of the best way to go is being hold up by someone like you holding the domain rights. Now, find out the size of this companies business plan will directly determine how much you can get for it. If this company has a huge turn around and intent to for exemplo add 25% to it by acting in another market by using your domain, you sitting on a pot of gold… If they only want to go there for convenience? you can make money out of it but not a ridiculous amount! If they think that your domain is near enough of they domain name and it is diverting some of their traffic, you have to monitore it to judge how much you are annoying their business, etc… loads of reasons here.

I know a guy that sold his rights to a domain for 100.000,00 dolares and thought that was doing a huge business… The company business plan would return an extra 3.5 million in 3 years… He fucked up by accepting it! In some cases you can even not sell it but lease it for a fix amount or a percent of the profits. Complex subject and you need a professional business analyst from the field that this company acts… Good luck!

A good examplo for you is here!

http://www.tkmax.com/ this guys owns tkmax.com and left the clothing shop only with the .co.uk domain, as it is not that important for this company at this particular moment they just don’t want to pay the amount he wants for it Now, as soon as Tkmax decides to go world wide? this guy hit the jackpot. He’s not targeting the actual Tkmax at moment but someone that wants to invest on the idea of design clothes last-season-but-nice-price thing and trust that Tkmax will grow to the point to go world wide. Hope I’m making some sense here? had one too many JDs… lol

I’m sure you know Tkmax, do you? Otherwise all what I said was lost, lol! By the way! The guys idea of get the hook of the Tkmax success and build a directory targeting the same market is great and seems that he has loads of advertisers. Think wise mate…

“Mate! You need professional help.” The same could be said about you, Cezar…

“I’m sure you know Tkmax, do you?” Erm, you’ve never met Matt, have you? Does his pirate gear look like it’s from Tkmax?

Gucci actually