web page design...........

What is the best program to use for designing a web page???

i have used frontpage before…

Another vote for Dreamweaver here. Quite spenny though.

DreamWeaver is excellent for non-HTML speakers, but if you’re on a budget and you don’t need all that functionality, try http://www.nvu.com/ (it’s free).

If you know (X)HTML and CSS by heart and you’re looking for a much more powerful editor, try my preference, which is http://www.bradsoft.com/topstyle/index.asp.


Thanks guys for all the info, do’nt ya just love these forums

What kinda thing you tring to do? You might be able to get yourself a headstart by buying a template from templatemonster.com.

sorry guys, I thought only cooperations bought software… hehe

If you don’t like the idea of d/loading an illegel but free version I have often bought products and charged them to whatever company I was working for.

That way it is still free, lol.

I have the dreanweaverMX ! I recommend!

Just a basic web page about me my bikes some bike links etc, but i want to do it all myself, basicly somthing to do as i have just given up smoking

You could do a lot worse than teaching yourself using something like www.webmonkey.com no need to buy any software or download stuff just use note pad

If you can get hold of a WYSIWYG editor, then Dreamweaver is tons better than FrontPage

Note Pad

Well, it’s what I use anyway…

Now i’m getting confused guys, so many programs etc to use, think i am going for dreamweaver, keep it simple…maybe gradually learn the different codes, i’m using NVU at the mo from the link in this post, seem to be getting on ok with it, certainly keeping my mind off the fags !!!

wink wink, must have somthing in my eye !! cheers tony