Web Hosting

Sorry its not about bikes but I need a new hosting for my company website.

I need reliability and ideally a human voice rather than doing everything online.

Anyone got any suggestions?

The site is tiny with v low traffic. Only 5 brochure style pages and nothing interactive.

When I used to have a website, I used Small Green Tree (www.smallgreentree.net).

They’re a small company based in the UK. And a human answers the phone when you ring. :slight_smile:

I’ve been with Krystal Hosting for a few years now and speak to one of the owners (Simon) on the phone usually.
He is very accommodating and professional with top notch features e.g. cpanel, latest installs on their server etc (I don’t know too much about all that TBH).
Never experienced downtime.

He’s even on MSN!

Tell him I (while.co.uk) sent you, maybe I’ll get something extra! :wink:

I manage a server in the docklands and may be able to help you out. If you send me a PM with what you need (link to your current side should be fine), I’ll let you know what I can do.

I’ll be completely honest, I don’t run a professional hosting company, but my server has very good uptime and is under used (so it’s fast always). It’s mainly used for a few websites of my own but I do sell some space to other people.
The service you’ll get will be very personal :wink:

Thanks a lot folks. You may have got me out of a tight spot.

Im interested in all of these.

Humans are over-rated, they have a tendency to mess things up, big-time.

Yes I agree.

But when they mess things up and they are on the phone its ok.

When they mess things up with their online systems (which humans control), you have to jump though hoops to get it changed.

I’m currently finiding Dream Hosts to be very good at the moment and very economical as they’re based in the States.

I had a query and posted it up and got a response in about 10 mins from an actual human (not a bot).

Cheap hosting and domain registration.

They seem to have a bad rep from the past, but I think they’ve cleaned up their act because the more recent history is praise and I like 'em :smiley:


BUT…The only real test of a hosting company is when they host a site generating heavy traffic IMO…So I might rewrite all the above if it goes tits up when my site does. :laugh:

ooooh! matron! :w00t:

I’m with dreamhost aswell. got their top account tho. using only for personal websites. they are osmetimes slow but it’s more related to that that they’re in states.

i had put one day on my web space 5 parts of Ghost Rider and made it avaiable to goole :stuck_out_tongue: 6TB of bandwitdh taken in 2-3 weeks :smiley: i didn’t notice it until billing came to place :stuck_out_tongue:

My company are about to launch a service for small business. No official literature yet but the main company is www.venda.com

I use Servage, www.servage.net 500 GB storage and 5TB transfer a month and it’s always reasonably fast, they use load balanced servers and connections. Only £5 a month too :smiley:

I use www.godaddy.com for purchasing the domain and hosting. Cheap and never had an outage.

Yes I know them, they are my registrar.

I have gone with Garrett’s excellent suggestion of Krystal hosting. Very helpful people. Many thanks Garrett, I owe you a beer!

Just to let you know the flash movie doesn’t work when to go to this site on a Mac running the latest version of Safari. Might not be the most used browser on the web but might make some people not use your services.

Works fine in Firefox on the Mac.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Are you sure it was the Ghost Rider videos of the dude that rides a bike… :wink:

I use these http://www.ukreg.com/ for domain registration and loads of people I know have. Never had a problem.

Haven’t used the hosting as I host my own domain, but they seem reasonably priced :slight_smile:

I work for Rackspace Hosting, so depending on what you need, I may be able to help. We only have Humans here!

Correction - Sorry, didn’t read rest of post, if a tiny brochure site we’re gonna be overkill. Try Martin at www.SiteHQ.co.uk, his hosting is with us and he does cheap and simple shared packages with good support.

I do hosting but i wouldnt be able to provide the level of customer service you require. My advice would be to just go with a host which uses Cpanel as their server controlpanel software… Cpanel provides a LOT of functionality and is easy to use.

Also, regarding Rackspace… they are the best (ABSOLUTE BEST!!!) hosting company on the planet… so if budget allows, go with a company that has their servers with Rackspace. They are not the cheapest… but remember you get what you pay for :wink:

Hehe thanks Mamady, spread the love!!!