Web design

could you guys and girls have a look at this early draft of a website for the marketing of new flats and let me know (other than the obvious miss alignment and other details of the same sort) what you would change.
I am not interested in a design, look, technology review but; more at the customer experience side of thing
Do you easily find what you are looking for
I there information that you would like to have to deside if you will call to visit the show flat that is missing etc…
And please, keep it on the subject, this is work and work is kind of a sensitive subject at the moment.

check this out please

dude in my professional opinion your on to a winner, the only thing I would say is those dots on the index page…

Otherwise I had a real good look around the rest of the site and thought it was spot on… very minimal clear, good coloured lettering easy to read.

I would be happy with it as it is mate…

did you do this yourself or get someone to do it for you?

+1 - the dots are too distracting, need slowing down and knocking back a bit

+1 Other than that, it’s great.

another vote aginast the dots… they draw they eye too much

Id have to agree with the dot comments, they distract your eyes abit too much… maybe if you could make them twinkle abit at first but then stop and just stay static after the over lapping photos have appeared.

/\ wot they said - looks good but lose the dots!

Site is great , but I really wanna see the boat on that bird in the thong !! Bottle looks amazing !

Looks good, simple to use, like the seperation of the top and bottom (sub) menus.On the map it would be good if instead of having to click ‘back to map’ to get to the main map, you can just click another location and see there. A small critique but one click too many…jc1001 - I think that bird might be a bit fake… :wink:

Is there enough text for the search engines to find you?
I like the design, but it feels a bit heavy on style and light on content, it would be good to see a bit more details maybe.

Carlshalton is spelt wrong in the news ticker - Charshalton

I can’t help thinking the content is just filler until the site has been finalised?

I agree on the dots issue to, if you could have them stop flashing when the three images have finished loading I think that would work better, otherwise I like it.

I can see why you have the ‘back to map’ option, I’m guessing that when the overlay window comes in it is then the active window so clicking on the map isn’t an option at this point, the ‘back to map’ gets around this techinical limitation, seems a simple solution and not cumbersome to use.

The only thing I did notice is that on some pages the ‘back’ link is at the bottom and on the longer listing pages this is not visible, maybe repeat it top and bottom, or rely on the user making use of the ‘back’ button on their broswer toolbar? It’s only a small thing mind.

It also still works OK with the images turned off and the CSS disabled so that’s a good sign, I know you said no techie feedback but do bear in mind any accessibility issues as this is a legal requirement and you can be prosecuted, so test for it to at least single A and you won’t have any problems from a legal point of view, besides single A compliance is very easy to achieve. :smiley:

I am already on that one…

Thanks all
I will get those dots to stop flashing and yes most of the info is missing…
Will add video tour, floorplan, financial details etc…

Thats what i was gonna say:)Looking good Freddy:cool:

Looks good. Clean, simple and intuitive.

For what it’s worth, here’s my input.

The Contact Us link across the top runs into the Real logo. Maybe that’s just how it looks on my screen though as no-one else has mentioned it.

The only substantive point re usability would be that on the map it would be good if when you hover over “Recent Developments” etc on the key, that the other two options fade out and only (for example) the “Recent Developments” are highlighted on the map. That way you don’t have to try and cross-reference against the key as the dots are kind of small making the colours difficult to distinguish and identify which is which.

The dots … as above.

The naff jokey rhyming slang type headings - surely you wouldn’t really use them? Hope they are just a “practice run”.