weather warning

apparently it’s going to be a balmy 12-13 degrees for the next 3 days! glad I didn’t buy those heated gloves last week

so much for spending money on muffs and heated grips…

I’m glad I soldiered it this year as well. Hasn’t even been that cold. There was probably only about 5 days where I really felt it.

Worst time is usually about mid Jan to Mid Feb so there is still a way to go yet.
Shortest day is today though (21st Dec) so they get longer from here on in :slight_smile:

Yup, once London empties for the Christmas period the smog goes down, so January will probably be worse. Hoping to get out on the bike between Christmas and New Year though.

i’ll be freezing my ass in italy thinking of my bike for the all holiday i think :frowning:

good i’m getting fed up with molesting my work bike every time i’m cold and sit at traffic lights

One good thing about riding in London is that it tends not to get properly cold at ground level. Doesn’t stop me needing hotgrips though.

And we chose one of them to go on a ride out that invoved hitting kent in the morning frost & the M25 after dark :stuck_out_tongue:

Still can’t believe you did it in those thin gloves

you too! ive never seen anyone heat their hands on the engine yet but i do it!


I do that as i was too tight to buy new gloves but burnt my gloves on the exhust downpipe…a bit of a DOH moment lol

Twin underseat zorsts are fab at the lights :smiley:

The old air head BMW’s were great tools for hand and foot warming, though one foot at a time was the better arrangement at traffic lights.