Weather forecast!

get your bikinis and speedos out guys ‘n’ gals. The sunshine is on its way. We should see early to mid-twenties by the weekend and possibly 25 on Saturday!

Now where is my bottle of fake tan…

You are not taken it from the BBC are you? Please tell me it comes from somewhere else!!! Please!!!

GMTV this morning. Huge sunshine symbols everywhere.

The reason I was at home this morning watching the box is that the firestorm decided to throw a tantrum and wouldn’t start. Poxy thing had to be jump started by the nice breakdown man. And it’s just had its 16k service and braided hoses fitted to boot. ungrateful piece of machinery it is…

Sorry to hear that but every story has it’s two sides. What have you done to her? lol

yay! Thank god for that!


You’ve all got me to thank for the sunshine…I bought a one piece rainsuit at the weekend

Lol, thanks. I have refused to wear my ‘wetsuit’ and got soaked loads last week.

fingers crossed for warm and dry.

Toby1kanobi, the force is with you!!!

omg bike is coming out to play :slight_smile:

Now why couldn’t it have been like that last weekend. Getting distinctly fed up with all this wet stuff.