& we think biking in london is dangerous


What a prat riding like that.

Alot of london cyclist ride like that but with out the safety gear on, I almost killed a guy last week because he was on the phone, then had the cheek to throw his bike on the deck and ask for a fight :wink: dont know why he ran away might have been the fed’s in the car behind me.

Does that thing have a brake on it?

dunno, but even if it did and you had to do an emergency stop your gonna fall flat on ya face :unsure:

Somehow, I find that idea really hilarious. Hope they wear teeth protection. :laugh:

unicycle have fixed cranks so you have to peddle all the time and to stop you stop peddling.

Appears to be a very skilled unicyclist! The riding position is very high so the visibility must be pretty good. I do wonder how it rests at junctions as it’s clearly not just a case of putting one or both feet on the ground. Must have to roll off to the front, back or side.

Wouldn’t work in London though - try all that filtering in different lanes without lifesavers here and you’ll get taken out by a pedestrian/tourist/courier/biker/scooter/u-turing black cab within 5 minutes!!!

5 mins??? more like 5 secs

hehehe. constant wheelie! splendid!