We shouldnt complain

check this traffic madness out!



and the amazing is no crashes OR near misses!

not that old chesnut again !!

sorry if its been seen/posted 1.000.000 times :S - just saw that clip…

Τι θέλείς τώρα;

Everyone seems to get where they wanted to go without too much congestion.

More than I can say for Athens or London.

ε? σαν τι να θελω.?

I would not ride in Athens… i feel a lot safer in London :S

I had difficulty crossing the road in Athens.

As you’ve just highlighted, I also had difficulty getting my point across στα ελληνικά.

hahaha well no wonder you couldnt cross the road

They may still talk about me in Παγρατι. The mad englishman who walked around hitting car windows and shouting “Έχεις κόκκινο”

LOL… you know what they say
“in Greece:
Green mean Go
Amber means Go faster
Red means Step on it!”

uk iscovered by to many rules if u have a open road then people drive slower and safer look at the trial in kensington where they have taken the signs away drivers r going slower cos they dont own the road.it seems to work

I read something about somewhere (Scandinavian country I think) that is toying with the idea of scrapping traffic lights for exactly that reason zephyr.

People seem to give the junction and other road users a lot more respect.

thats what happens here when the traffic lights don’t work… everyone is cautious… and there is no amber light to speed through!

That might be right, Steve, but I’d still rather have rules and some road rage than no rules, some Greeks and LOTS of road rage. Where do you think I learned all my bad habits and temper from?!

Greek road rage is different since a couple of seconds after it happens (swearing , moutzes, etc) both parties realise that they are related/from the same village etc and all is forgiven.

Ah moutzes, that takes me back.

Who you calling inbred, dude?