We Ride London

Hey guys not sure if anyone has posted this, couldn’t find it in the search. Forgive me if it has already been posted.

Please join :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s cos Jays search don’t work! https://londonbikers.com/forums/posts/1113645/we-ride-london-who-they

Write up including links to the tfl ulez proposal which you can respond to

Search Engine engineers welcomed at house Jay for dinner.

What are you using? Elasticsearch for indexing and hitting the API?

Just shell out to grep and awk?

Hey Jay - Try using Yaktong Hoojimifilip Haribo.

I’d be really curious to see some of the traffic patterns for here in Kibana… Y’know, assuming it’s actually using Elasticsearch

Isn’t kibana what you sing round the campfire?

Pretty much

I thought it was a Polish sausage

I was thinking ES as just search rather than in an ELK stack.

For traffic nginx => collectd => influxDB => grafana

Heh, nothing so elaborate. We’re using a simple drop-in Google custom search system. It was only ever meant to be temporary, though I might have to look into Aceman’s suggestion now!