We finally beat the Aussies


I can’t believe it!!!

At last we finally show that we can play the game

It wion’t last though

I thought that was a pig that flew past me this morning…

I thought the Ozzies might have taken up darts…

Happy B’day mister.

Hope you enjoy your evening!

Catch up out on road or maybe Excel?

We call that a Polo victory, as it is a little holow. That kind of victory reminds me of an Andy Capp catoon I once read.

Andy walks into the pub and shows off his new sports jacket to his boozy mates at the bar… “I got it wiv’ me winnin’s at t’ dog track last night…”

Flo, taking a seat with the dour-faced wives at the table across the room, notes, somewhat dryly “Wiv’ 'is losses this year ‘e could’a bought t’ shop”…

Well done England anyway, now keep it up, please.

Rule Britannia, God Save The Queen

If we won, does that mean the Aussies didnt turn up…

The Australians just preferred to play England, rather than New Zealand, in the final…