We buy any car...

i bid with 15 empty cans of coke… and ill even throw in the recycling bag…

thats a lot of metal :wink:

Jet, we have a caaaaaaaaaar !!!:D;)

Trip on Sat? :slight_smile:

Looks like i’ll have to up the ante…

A frayed bootlace, an almost empty can of Camping gas and a rung from a wooden ladder.

I bid £4.00 and a piece of string… oh and i will throw in the daisy too :smiley:

I hope you guys actually have this stuff, i’d be gutted if you offered me it and couldn’t produce !

Ive got it all here in a little box, just waiting for it’s new daddy to seal the deal

You obvoiusly don’t know us all yet - we are all deadly serious about this sort of stuff;)

OK - to add to our joint bid with Yolaah, four tins of Pedigree Chum chunks in gravy (assorted flavours).

Jet, JUST IN CASE, I’m adding a toothpaste (almost gone but with strong fingers and stubborness there is a chance to manage to get something out of it and brush the teeth once or twice)

can i have the petrol???

Oh I see your playing this hard…

i’ll add a dried up tin of Airfix Paint (Khaki Green)

You’ll have to strike a deal for that separately with the Yol-Jet consortium when we win the auction;)

Gaz can i join ur team :smiley:
I shall offer a silver spoon and errrrmmm a plastic fingernail :smiley:

Jet, we are keeping the petrol

I’ve just found a pair of rubber gloves I used to search a prisoner this morning…I’m willing to throw them in too but they are quite sought after

or we can sell it to him for £9.99 a litre…

BARGAIN :w00t:

Good idea Yolaah - we may need it to set fire to the contaminated rubber gloves GazH is trying to throw in w00t:

Ally your in…

:D:D:DWe already won, partner :wink:

Sorted :smiley:
Ok well ive decided to part with my plaster cast so i can throw that in :smiley: It doesnt smell so dont worry :smiley: the icky dead skin comes free :smiley: