We buy any car...

£70 - less a £49.99 + vat “admin fee” - so that’s £11.26 for my top of the range Ford Escort:)

It’s got more petrol in it than that!

Bargain:) (Hope it’s got MOT & tax for that money)

how much do you want for the petrol ? :slight_smile:

It does! Insurance renewal is over £400 :w00t:

hahaahahaaaaaaa thats funny :smiley:

I got offered £15 for my daughters car but never got around to finding out is there were any “stoppages” from that.

£15? What’s she got - a Cabriolet? Show off;)

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

A general rule - if they can afford to advertise that much, they probably can’t afford to give you a good deal.

Come on, £11 not a good deal…? :smiley:

I can offer £2.50 :smiley:

u could get a bag of chips, big bottle of coke, some chocolate. and maybe a cupcake

Nick - Yolaah has come up with the answer. Have an auction on LB;)

not sure about the cupcake, that might be stretching it a bit :wink:

Jet - if you lend me a pound I can offer:£3.50, Snickers bar and Oct 2008 Used Bike Guide:D

Done. See you tomorrow with the £1. Looks like we’ll have a car to play in soon at this rate;)

I’ll up it…£3.60, a half used birthday candle, the backing from a Panini football album sticker and a cat toy mouse (minus the half chewed tail)

bloody hell, serious competition, I’m adding a bit broken lighter,

Jet what have you got

and a barely used knee slider :cool:

How about a dog-eared road atlas circa 1997 and a 3/d piece? - worth about 1.5 pence in new money;)

Looks like we’re winning if we club together Yolaah;):smiley: