We are hiring 2nd/3rd line engineer

Waiting to confirm pay with the power but we are now on the lookout for a good senior 2nd/ junior 3rd line engineer. You’ll be based in the office but some site visit will happen. If you looking to become a more 3rd line engineer could be a good opportunity for you…

If your interested let me know or if you know someone who might let them know.

Will update Salary when we have one, but please let me know what you may be looking for and it would be a start.

“Engineer” is probably the only term more imprecisely used these days than “Architect”. Has this got anything to do with engines or mechanics, or do you need a “Social Media Engineer” or something?

Would be interested to know job spec/requirements and salary.

Kev no high vis allowed!

Big red.

Lol IT I’ve always called them engineers haha. Guess consultant would work on this one as well as it is a managed services provider

this has got to be one of the worst job job adverts I’ve ever seen. even as one for gauging interest.

“we”. who is we? you could be UKIP or ISIS for goodness sake.
“based in the office” where is this office? the square mile, brixton, top of the shard, basement of a shopping centre?
Is it for the same company or is it supporting customers?
is it software or hardware support?
is it a big or small team?

Well, before that even, is this helpdesk, systems, network, infrastructure? Windows or a *nix? Nobody can possibly look at these posts and think “yeah, that’s me”.

yeah, that’s me! :smiley:

The less details that are posted is fine, having been on both sides of the recruitment fence I think that this is acceptable. Also consider The Sleeper may not have all the information yet and is just gauging interest. So if no one responded then is there any point posting more, if there is more information is forth coming.

The job description is so vague that no one knows what or where it is, and it is also inaccurate, as it is not within any field of engineering, either. Definitely needs rewriting. :slight_smile:

I think after last nights chat, does it have a sauna/swimming pool in the office is another must :wink:

The Sleeper - I’ve got 12 years experience in I.T. with data comms, networking, and used to be part of a break/fix/move team that supported financial dealing systems (“Spot Trading” aka the EBS/EDS systems) in the City banks on 1+1 SLA’s. Is that relevant?

it is also inaccurate, as it is not within any field of engineering, either.

Computer types love to big themselves up. We’re no longer “programmers” or “systems administrators” but daft crap like “Orchestration Engineer”, “Networking Rockstar” and “Systems Architect”.

Software/Enterprise/Application Architects are ISO standard job roles, get out of here :slight_smile:

I guess you don’t need an experienced 3rd liner then?! 24 years in the industry, comms, networking, infrastructure, security, design, scripting blah blah blah

I’m an infrastructure pimp daddy.

it’s not easy to get HR to put that on your contract I can tell you!

I cannot edit the original post (or at least don’t know how)…

I’m not sure if the above is in jest or serious. But anyone looking at this in the relevant field would know what I’m talking about… and if you don’t then in the nicest way you’d be no good to me!

The position is in London, I’m actually making a job description today.

Well, I think several of us are genuinely baffled as to how that could be enough information for anybody, but if we’re all useless to you on that basis then it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

I’ve been called a 2nd or 3rd rate engineer once or twice. Where do I apply?

Since he’s using the terms 2nd line and 3rd line engineer, I’m guessing the work is some sort of technical support. “Managed services provider” can mean lots of things, but my guess would be working for a company that runs outsourced IT services to its customers. Of course, more detail would be useful :slight_smile: