We are giving away our free motorcycle app

A UK first, Motorcycle compensation have launched an mobile application to assist bikers immediately after a bike accident. It is called “BIKERS FRIEND”. Version one of the app is a simple compensation calculator which gives the biker an indication of the amount of compensation they can expect to receive.

Version two and version three of “BIKERS FRIEND” are well underway. Version two of this app will include geo location markers, voice recording facility, photo capture facility and video capture. This version has been described as the best witness you can have after a bike accident. A very valuable tool to have on your phone. We hope you never need to use it but it will assist your case by providing detailed information to your chosen solicitor.

Version three of this app will include a detailed road map with places of interest for bikers including, biker friendly hotels and places to stay, biker friendly pubs and meeting events plus much more. We will NEVER CHARGE for this app and it will always remain totally free to all our biker friends.

get it here http://motorcyclecompensation.com/bikers-friend

How the hell can you give an approximate value of the level of compensation a rider is likely to receive in compensation when no 2 claims or personal circumstances are the same?

The only way that an accurate figure can be given is when the injured rider has spoken to a human being with expertise in the field of personal injury law and who in turn has obtained the medical records to see the exact extent of the level of injury, which is then added to the special damages to give an overall ball park figure.

The recovery time also has to be taken into account.

Are you a claims management company? You certainly appear to be an unregulated ambulance chaser

think its time the mods banned this guy :ermm:

Wonder if his lot are behind any of the unwanted text messages that continually turn up on my mobile? Perhaps he could advise on a way to stop them?

Looks like a cool website if everything on it is true. The App may as well work if you input the proper details you can get a rough estimate no?

Shouldn’t be that quick to judge but would help them if we got some answers on here first before spamming us with posts… a nice advert post with an introduction would be good or talk to the LB bosses first:)

Crock of s#it
Ambulance chasers at best.

Peddle your whoreish wares somplace else.
Preferably some country where you won’t be affecting my insurance premiums.

Great idea thanks,

the app is simply a guide at present to what “you could get” the costings and values are all taken from the JSB guidlines (Judicial study board) and are only an approximation.

Version 2 and 3 will be released very soon. keep checking back.


My credentials are all in my website. Yes we are regulated, no we have no need to “ambulance chase” as you put it.

We are only as good as our last settled case. see for yourself… http://motorcyclecompensation.com/client-testimonials


Compo culture - THE reason for Health and Safety ****, the reason I have to write a 40 page risk assessments for shitty little bureaucrats before I can get permission to take film crew anywhere and the reason everything that’s fun costs 50 times more than it should cos of insurance and the fear of lititgious little shits who start trolling websites and bandying around “fear threads” and the word “compensation”

In England, before fucking yank comp culture, H&S and an obsession with insurance took over everything we used to have this thing called “common sense and personal responsibility” and even decency to own up to your mistakes.

The life crushing damage that a ruling against can cause to a business or individual means everyone is now desperate to avoid taking responsibility for anything they do anymore and spends all time looking to blame everyone else so their insurance premium isn’t affected…

C0cksuckers that promote the compo-culture are to blame DIRECTLY so bog off

Well I will hate simply because the app is not available on the biggest mobile OS :stuck_out_tongue:

Toby would you get off the fence and tell us what you really think?

Colin says I can get compensation for your unpleasant lack of support for my highly informed and well-researched rant.

I’ll see you in the pub after the court case to help me spend all of the compensation I got from your insurers cos luckily Colin does all this legal crap out of the goodness of his heart and I get 100% of any settlement…

Damn you lot are bitter:))))) Bottom line is that everyone else WILL claim US… so why not turn the wheel a bit? Aren’t we worth anything? seriously… I didn’t do 2 claims because of principle… I thought hell I could have avoided that yet plenty of pricks that would claim against me. I would like to know that I had the choice to be litigious if I felt like it,

granted, but htere’s a difference between you doin it out necessity and this guy runnin round saying, do you remember that bump that caused you no harm years ago, well if it was within 5 meters of somethin that was someone else’s responsibility I can get you thousands…

nothin wrong with makin a justificable claim, but drummin up claim culture is what hikes EVERYONE’s insurance bill and and causes clamp downs like the proposals in the EU to stop people working on their own bikes for example.

The advert on TV always makes me laugh… “My employer gave me an unsuitable ladder…” (cut to chap carrying a deathtrap)

WTF did you go up it for then? !

I think liability insurance should be nationalised so that an independent body can judge injury claims rather than a load of laywers making a sh!tload of money out of all of us paying insurance.

Whilst the advert is absolutely diabolical and the company behind it are part of the worse insurance type, very frequently as an employee if you don’t go up that ladder you could end up being out of a job… So if you have a mortgage and bills to pay, you take the risk…

Whilst it’s nice to think you could then sue for unfair dismissal, that’s a daunting and scary process for the majority