We all need to club together and BUY THIS NOW !!!


I love these auctions with people asking the buyer questions!

Ohhhh yeah…my lights would look the Mutz Nutz on that baby !!!..LOL

Barro !!!

lol! you would look cool arriving at the frith street on that barro

Oh yeah, in a Londonbikers.com shirt too…that would get up the residents noses a bit wouldnt it, Then it would be

“Get rid of that Barro” “Come back bikers all is forgiven”


Awwww, the spoil-sports have removed the guns! … what a bummer! … could have been sooo much fun!


tell me Lee, what were you looking for when you stumbled on this ?

Probably a “Sherman Tank” with One Carefull Owner and a Full Service History !!!

you reckon they would you let land it on the roof at the ace???

id be flying up and down the A40 picking off coppers as i see em

only kidding… or am i??

that’s classic! and I agree with Andrew…what were you looking for!!!

well actually i was searching “Helicopter Gun Ships” in Helicopter Mart

No seriously it was on www.theregister.co.uk

That’s a nice lil’ chopper…but take a look at this, personally one of these on a bike and no more hassles’ frm cagers


You godda love the questions and answers.

I wouldn’t mind taking one of those to Frith Street!!! Let the residents complain then!!! He he he…

Only sold to law enforcement depts etc. Hmm, I wonder how many each could our own LBPD (aka Darryl and Porky) buy…