WDW2007 - I've been there!

After a few weeks, I finally got some time to put some pics together and post something here.

It was a good long weekend, with a lot of bikes (mostly Ducati’s) and a lot of things to do and to see.

Now I’m back after 2500 miles across Europe. Here are some pictures…
















Great pictures.

Superb Fran !!

Good to have ya back and no doubt see you soon !!


I tried to load the pictures in a particular order but in the end they came all mixed up. I do not know if there is a way to do that, anyway… never mind.

Yeah, see you soon, probably on Wed at Borough Market if you’re going there and the weather holds.

Hey Francesco, welcome back! That’s one fantastic journey you’ve had there! I love the photos. How many do you have?

Got a few more (not very many though!) + 3 short videos.

When I got back I realised I could have done more pictures (especially of the pit girls! ), too late!

Wonderful pics there, love the custom monster, also because you managed to get the bikini girl in the background!


Using Google maps I tried to draw the route of my trip.

This is how it looks like


Map London Misano.JPG

Great pics Fran! That’s quite a big trip you had there, some great scenery and roads, bet you didn’t want to come back.

See you at Donington

Im sooo jelous!!! Great pictures mate!!

Good man. Looks like a legendary weekend.

I didn’t make it down unfortunately

I was wondering where you ended up to… (and I asked around as well!)

What did you do in the end? Did you stay in London or went somewhere else?

Ah yes, while in Misano it was not possible to test ride the 1098, I did test ride the Hipermotard 1100s which is quite good fun.

Cracking photos Francesco

I’ve wanted to do that trip for years.

What is the 2nd bike down?

What a sexy rear end…mmmmm

That’s a Desmosedici RR: 165 Kg, 205 HP, 200 Mph as standard; more with the special race kit that comes with the bike. You can order it till the end of the year, it is quite nice! What is bad is it’s price: almost £40000.

PS It used to be just under £35000 but they sold many more they were expected and decided to rise the price… at the end of the day who can spend £35000 should not have many problem to spend £40000.



Simply Stunning

I wonder if they take children as part exchange

I though some of you might like this picture which I borrowed from my friend Steve…



You smoothie, Fran :slight_smile:



Hope you were able to return it in it’s original condition after… errr… ‘borrowing’ it…? :wink: