WD TV Live Hub Media Center 1TB

Anybody got one of these or something similar. Got to the point now where I have so many Divx movies and MP3’s that I need
to get them all in one place and able to stream them easily as it is a pain to keep having to put them onto a USB stick.

Seen them for around £140 with a 1TB disk.

I have the none hd version. If you want to come round and have a look feel free.

A free look…you are such a tease :smiley:

So long as it does what it says it can. Do you do the regular upgrades on it, as have read that it is a bit ‘buggy’

They’re great devices, easy to setup and never had a problem.

I’m in most of today and tomorrow. Come round have a look.

Myself, I would recommend building/buying a PC as a file server. It can then do other things for you and easily upgraded then too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the thoughts, just said FI and bought it anyway :slight_smile:

Fair play, I’m all for the, “what the hell.” policy. If it’s no good you can always send it back.