Way back: LB Design Draft

Back when I started building the site, I made this draft design. It was going to be the basis for the appearance, but I scrapped it as I didn’t like it. I just thought I’d share it, as I’d forgotten about it until I came across it whilst working on the super-secret new site design project (it’s not a secret).

If you look at the date on the copyright notice, you can see when I first had the idea for LB. It takes time to do something like this, a lot of time, and I’m still working flat-out…


i dont know how much work went into it and its better than i could do but it does look a bit poo… think what it mutated into is much better

I agree mate, that’s why it was scrapped

Yep, agreed, this design definatley works

Yeah - it’s good to see how the design evolved and I’m glad that one didn’t make it…

Jay - just wanted to say thanks for making a cracking community site. I love it!! and I am sure other will agree with me.

I love all you guys

Sorry just being sentimental…or just mental

I have to say Jay… have only been on here a few weeks, but I think it’s great!

Good work… certainly keeps me entertained it what would otherwise be a very boring day.

Thank you!

Sometimes it’s good when designes are scrapped :slight_smile:

LB has been through a few design changes. There’s a big one coming up soon, though it’s an evolution, not a new one, so no need to worry.

I’d say you’ve created the slickest community site around. Easy to use, very professional looking and constantly entertaining.

With this new update, you will surely be spoiling us, ambassador

did you study web design?

No, just girls.

just study them?

you needa put that book down mate