Waving Disc

so was looking at one of these for my GPZ 500 (needs a new front disc anyway and doing a massive refresh on the bike) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Front-Brake-Disc-Rotor-Kawasaki-ER-5-500-ZL-600-/170637431381?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item27bac89255

Do you think this is just a gimmic or worth a crack?

also can I use my standard calipers and pads on these I cannot see anything that says otherwise.


meant to say Wvey disc not waving

that seems too cheap for a brake disc, dont know if reflects on quality.

on a gpz i would just get normal discs, try abe in greenwich.

Its from Kawasaki it should be good, I was told armstrong, are the best, and not to get em from Hong Kong,

as they are a lot weaker,as well as cheaper. good luck

Some of the Chinese ones are fine. I’ve had two pairs now on different bikes.

Thanx for that, I payed £250 for pair of armstrongs, :crazy::crying: