Wavey rear discs....

The Bollox or Loada Bollox?

Depends, supposed to improve braking thru increased surface are, but I can’t see it myself, still trying to work that one out. Normally cheaper to replace with aftermarket stuff than OE manufacturers parts. You pays your money and makes your choice!

It doesn’t increase surface area. Think of the pad to disc contact area. It actually reduces surface area.

What it is supposed to do is the wavy edge scrapes & cleans the pad

As above it’s down to aftermarket perhaps being cheaper than OE. Reason for changing is probably just for style.

Same applies for front wavey discs.

whats a rear brake?

mixed reviews on the front. they were developed for offroad bikes for the cleaning/scraping thing but as it turns out they run cooler. supposed to be more bite than stock, chuffster said he only uses them in the dry when racing apparently as they’re a bit keen…

they do look the daddy tho. want some…

Purely cosmetic on the back (unless you go for an ultra light disc). You can lock the back wheel with just about any disc (including OEM).

That’s what I was thinking. I hardly use my back brake anyway but they do look sexy though

Get them because they look good… be a tart

The theory is that the serrated edge cleans off the pads, preventing them from glazing over and degrading braking performance.

“It doesn’t increase surface area. Think of the pad to disc contact area. It actually reduces surface area.”

The idea isn’t to increase the pad to disc area, its to increase the surface area of the disc itself in order to dissipate heat more effectively. The cooler the brakes and fluid run, the better they work. They should also last longer than standard discs as the wave shape removes stress concentrations in the disc, making it less likely that they’ll warp with hard use.

I agree with Chuffster, they have noticeably more bite than standard discs in dry conditions.

And they look trick too

I’ve bitten the bullet and ordered a Tart Disc

i got em in gold and silver, an they look good, nuff said, lol

I have run them on the last couple of bikes of mine. They look the dogs, but that’s all they do, don’t be fooled. You don’t see these on factory superbikes for a reason.

I have to admit they looks good but even on description is notice that they are little less effective on wet

My back brake is mainly aesthetic anyway