Wavey Disc's

i’ve seen some disc’s on ebay, £99 for a pair made in china tho, i am wondering wether they be anygood? anyone bought any? know anyone that has?

ISTR Jay bought some a while back & was happy with them.

But then again, there’s probably loads of places over there punting them out on ebay with quality ranging from decent to downright lethal, so I’d really only buy from some place that you know people have had good results from rather than taking a wild punt on ebay.

I’ve been eyeing them too.

Seems like theres one with loads of feeback (which can be faked), premier ebay seller rating blah blah.

I’d guess this is where places like stealth get theirs from and knock them out with a +50% mark up.

Price is not unbelievable, if they are coming direct from manufacturing.

Anyones else bought some?

thing with the feedback is that most are from people who have not fitted them but only opened the box

do a search for ebc on ebay as i was looking other week and there was a uk based company having a clear out of discontinued stock ( turbo street disks etc) for £118 a pair …


use http://www.busters-accessories.co.uk/home.aspx?cmd=showFile&arg=AppList_Braking_Brake+discs+ebc to find out part number ( select make of bike )

WTF! Are you guys mad! Quality control in China is bad enough when there’s an importer. You’re buying direct from China with no comeback in case of failure.

Are you in the market because your disks are worn or is it an upgrade? If it’s the latter, please get something safer. Something that’s been tested.

These things could be the difference between living and dying. Please don’t take shortcuts with brakes.

I had a set on my RR a few years ago. i did notice their was a couple different types on ebay. I had no problems with them. I never got them on track to see how they ran when extra hot.


Your front brake working properly is the difference between life and death - I would buy some from a decent respected brand :slight_smile:

thanks for the replies guys.

i’m looking at new discs as my originals are coming up to 50,000 miles old now, money is tight so i am looking at all oprtions really, i know jay bough some and i keep forgetting to ask him about them!!

if i have to i may go for EBC, Galfer or Braking, these are alot o money tho so i’m exploreing all options, anyway who needs a front brake on a big twin…you pansy’s:D:D

Have a look here :


I know a lot of ZX-9R owners who have these (inluding me) and I’m more than happy with them - I also have a set of EBC Pro-Lites ( and some std ones and some SoloCorse) and the Blackshadow ones are better…

+1 (I know that we get ripped off by dealers etc but it’s just not worth risking with something as crucial)

got waveys on the r6. look nice but when under hard braking u do get a lot of judder. i spoke to some guy at quill ( http://www.quillexhausts.com ) at the bike show last year. and there where top. they said that china ones are pressed out of massive steel plates and aint 100% flat. that why u get the judder. he had pics and videos on there stand showing how it all done. and was very impressed. and to top it off u can just replace the disc and not the hole disc and carrier which was cost affective. give them a call becasue i was that impressed when i get to change mine ill be using them

sorri for the essay .

thats intresting!

they look good and well priced, will give them a call. Ta very much:)

nice one dude, good info very usefull, Ta:)

essay? nah just a good reply, and exactly what i need to know, cheers dude:)

any time :smiley: