wave goodbye to your balls

:laugh: http://www.fhm.com/asp_code/bigeyelinks/link.asp?http://www.totallycrap.com/videos/videos_wave_goodbye_to_your_balls


Jaysus !
No kids for that fella !

That made me cringe like only a bloke can :w00t:

Darwinian natural selection in it’s purest and most direct form.

I rekon Terry might be up for it in a little while once he fully recovered from his last test on walls structural integrity…:slight_smile:

Oooooooo thats made me feel sick:blink::sick:

That made me say “ooooooof” out loud. He shoulda had a plan B.


How would you know :w00t: :smiley: Or . . . have you got somehting to hide :smiley:

i got nothing to hide but i can imagine the pain the guy must of been in, ive hit my flange on the tank a few times which leaves me breath less, foooking hurts for us ladies too!!!

That`s a big ouch.


I couldn’t watch it!

I got as far as him jumping up onto the bollard and had to turn it off… :crazy:


This is the petrol tank of my race bike after i punted a stationary bike on park straight at Cadwell Park @ 130mph

I really do have ‘balls of steel!’




I’ve hit the tank with my balls going over bumps etc (like we all have) Seb and it can be painful - but that looks horrific - I know trhat slamming into the tank with your crotch issomething that happens in side ons etc - if you did that damage with your anatomy surely you must have broke something (pelvis?) - hoping not natch! :smiley:

I broke more than a few bones and have lots of metalwork. Will never be 100% but it’s ok coz i’m hard as fu^king nails me!!!

its questionable whether you were 100% to start with fella :wink:

dude with dents like that you certainly do have balls of steel