wats happening today!!! 13.05

ok gang wats going on today!! is there anything!!!

Have you looked outside??!!! I’m thinking not!

its ok my end!!! its clear and dry!!!

Wet here


raining here and i wanna go out on the bike so bad

I’m so bored - I want to go and play on my bike but the weather is really really poo

pub football drink!

the flippin rains just arrived!! looks like im going to have to go shopping instead!!! poopoopoopoooopoopopo

It’s that bad I’m even cooking a roast!

I’m bored stiff in need of getting out on the bike but this weather isn’t really enticing.

I was going to be at the Ace today but looking out the window…

Forget it…Im going to work instead !!

if i load my bike into the back of the van come round put yours in the back we can drive round the block without getting wet.

sounds good to me what time do you want us round as im getting hungry now


Sues been in the kitchen most of the morning , Blueberry Muffins, chocolate cookies, lemon meringue pie, and a sausage cassarole


p*ssing down all day… no fun

glad I went for the bimble yesterday

its ok for you lot at home in the warm but some of us had to ride to work today.

“i Hate The Rain”

It’s f00kin pi$$ing down & I wanted to go play round the industrial estate

i think everyone gone mad!!! got to asda and it was like xmas time it was pants!!
think they have all gone mad cos of the rain!!!

You sound like a pikey looking for metal

Well I have had a VERY bike-oriented day, which started at 4am (yawn). Not long back from a 350 mile round trip to Wales, dragging the trusty trailer. Empty on the way there but…


…third time lucky…

…the Harley that significant other won on e-bay ‘by accident’(!) now has a new home. In need of a good deal of TLC before it’ll be road-worthy, but he’s a happy boy and really would rather have next week playing with his new toy rather than working.

Has to be the first time I’ve been warm, toasty and dry in my car on a day like today and have a soaking wet, soggy biker wave at me while going along the motorway - big up to the ten or so bikers I saw on the whole 7 hours.

Big up to anyone who did go out in it, it was nasty, nasty, nasty on the motorway and if you didn’t have to be out in it, staying at home was a good decision - don’t want weather like that to spoil your enjoyment.