Watford meet this Sat? 26th

So it seems we have a good few LB’ers in and around Watford who wanna meet up…

Saturday is supposed to be warm and sunny - don’t blame me if it’s not! :slight_smile:

Do you wanna meet and/or ride out? Maybe just see what happens?

I don’t know too many decent pubs/cafe’s etc in/around Watford so really need some guidance… Kishan could you suggest somewhere as you seem one of the closest? No pressure… lol

I can only think of a cafe in First Ave near Asda… or one of the pubs?

See if we can get a time & place sorted… ?

Would love to but busy this weekend. Lets arraange another one after this weekend!

Stuno1, def can do, still wanna make this one happen though… :cool:

Me too, could meet for a quick hello this Sat or go a bit further Sun.

Southern cross pub 41-43 Langley Road, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD17 4PP meet up 12ish ? i gotta go by 2pm so we could meet for a quick pint and some grub park at the front of the pub car park ? there is parking at rear too. who is up for meeting up 12pm this saturday until 2ish?

meet at the papa johns!

i can do you BOGOF (boss wont give me any better then that) :stuck_out_tongue:

As much as I’d love pizza my cholesterol levels are at maximum already!! Kind offer, thank you.

I’d go for the Southern Cross… will be there at mid day Sat, thanks Kishan… look forward to meeting a good few LB’ers !

Those coming copy and paste list and add your names in number order. We will all meet up at front enterence for 12pm ish before going in. If you wondering what i look like check the topic where members have put images of themselfs up so you know what i look like and also my plate will end in BRV :slight_smile:

LB riders attending :

  1. kishan

LB riders attending :

  1. kishan
  2. Rusty99
  1. kishan
  2. Rusty99
    4)Boris (maybe, depends how long the tyre takes)

I should imagine anyone who lives in Watford would be trying to get out of there - not meeting there :laugh:

We used to have a regular Monthly Herts Pub meet, 2nd tuesday of every month (I think) maybe we should revise that. Nice pub out Cuffly/Potters Bar way, or move it closer to Watford.

Sounds good Hannibal, monthly meet anyone?

BTW I’m gonna be on a black GSXR, wearing a Rossi ‘donkey’ lid.

Monthly meet sounds good but making it a weekday means me (and i am sure others) wont be able to get there until 7-7:30 ish.

Weekend montly meet out of the question?


Sunny Sunday monthly meet?? :slight_smile:

I’m up for somewhere near Potters Bar etc… and can get there easily whenever anyone fancies it. Watford I’m not so sure about when there are much nicer places to meet on the outskirts.

Didn’t there use to be a bike night on the green in Croxley? Two pubs there. One called the Artichoke but it was the other one they met at, but can’t remember the name.

Can’t do this Saturday as going to Twickenham for the Rugby final.

riders attending so far :slight_smile:

  1. kishan
    4)Boris (maybe, depends how long the tyre takes)

look out on Fb for any serious hoonage in Bedfordshire…I dont sit around Maccy D’s or have 125/scoots along…usually 200+ miles at a good pace :smiley:

there another group going to Rutland today from up here that will be slightly slower but still good fun

anyone else up for coming beer garden today at 12pm in watford near watford junction?

I was going to come along until someone bent the front end of my bike last night!!! :crying:
Have fun guys.