waterproof gear

Hi all,

Since I did my bike license in 2013 I had nothing but problems with my efforts of finding a true waterproof jacket and trousers.
My first choice was from triumph, but within the first week it failed me hard so I exchanged it to a set of Dainese.
Now the jacket was £300 and the trousers £200 and after about a year they slowly started to leak some water on some places.
I must say I am an all year all weather rider and also ride in the heaviest of monsoon rains…now after 2 years the set of Dainese is completely failing and feels like no waterproof at all.
My summer jacket keeps me dryer then these ones…

Now I will send the Dainese set back to Italy for them to hopefully give me a full refund but in the mean time I need to have a look for a new set and would like some recommendations.
Brand, gear, shop.
Budget is around £600 but willing to pay more if it then keeps me dry.,

Has to be waterproof winter gear where I can take the Thermo liner out so it would work in spring/fall too.

Thanks in advance…

I always recommend getting some nice, summer, bike stuff and a set of waterproof overtrousers and a jacket. Almost all motorbike-specific waterproofs are done wrongly - leaky vents, waterproofing on the inside etc. - and realistically you do ride more frequently in the not-rain than the rain so it makes sense to not compromise your ‘normal’ riding gear for wet weather stuff. Things that aren’t for bikes and, more pointedly, things that don’t try to be anything but waterproofs, tend to be better at waterproofing. I use £20 army surplus overtrousers and a £20 RAF surplus jacket.

I have a two piece Held Collin over suite its quite a few years old & keeps me bone dry I partially like the neoprene neck
my commute is 53miles never got wet yet


Hah, I thought this was really familiar…

My Dainese suit I first bought lasted me 3 years of all year riding and commuting and through a couple of crashes. was still waterproof.

but then I washed and re-waterproofed it each year. I’m guessing you didn’t bother with that.

Yeah, it’s definitely worth washing and reproofing it before trying to return it. Why is it Italy that it’s got to be returned to? Where did you buy it? Also, which waterproof membrane has it got? GoreTex?

Spend two grand on Rukka gear or buy an oversuit. Now.

I switched out my morning Head and Shoulders for Nikwax. Waterproof but the dandruff is back.

hi thanks for the answers…i did wash and reproof it…didnt work…i bought the stuff in metropolis but the warranty is only one year…thats why they send it back to dainese to italy…its got the dainese own brand membrane not the gore tex…

+1 to Longshanks’s recommendation of Rukka gear. Can’t praise it highly enough - never been wet or cold with it even after 2-3 hours (a rainy DAS session from start to end).

If you can, stump up for the Gore Tex equivalent. If it leaks, you can have it sent back to Gore Tex who will replace it if it leaks, rather than having to argue with Dainese or whoever. Also it’s better than almost all the own-brand stuff.

thanks again for the answers…while the solution of the overtrousers and over jackets sound reasonble there seems to be only one problem with that…i dont have any protective gear to though it over :slight_smile:
i was always wearing the winter gear without the thermo line in the summer…appart from really hot day where i have a summer jacket…but the trousers i had always on…besides i am an all year biker and need good warm stuff in the winter…so i would need to buy propper summer gear which may not cost as much but i rather then buy the winter gear and have it done…

i went to 3 shops and made up my mind for this set…



i have not bought it yet but it certainly looks good and has a big saving at the moment…
itdoesnt have the inner membrane but the bonded version which is already waterproof on the outside…
unless there is any bog concerns here about alpinestars i probably go buy it tomorrow…

i was also shown some rukka gear on sale but thats an extra 500£ which is …puhhh i think a little to expensive when i can get an almost same quality set from alpinestars…

thanks guys…

I wear my one piece in the winter or summer if it’s raining hard
It’s easier to get dry then having to get my leathers Or Textiles dry

+1 to water proof throw overs. Getting bike gear dry is a biatch.

£50 Alpine Stars bottoms and top. 5 years on and not a leak in sight.

£600 is easily enough for a complete set of Held Goretex from Get Geared in Leatherhead. Jackie and I have been using Held Gear for my all weather commuting for more than three years now and nothing has ever leaked. Oversuites are OK, but don’t breath like a proper Goretex suite.

After yesterday’s downpour, I can confirm that drying bike gear is a piece of p*ss with a de-humidifier. Bone dry this morning. Boom. A handy alternative to those moments when you get caught short! :slight_smile:

Another vote for Held Gore Tex - picked mine up from FC Moto, bargain price really, got home yesterday and was bone dry, my gear was dry this morning too.

Saying that, the best alternative is waterproof overalls, get a good quality set and it will last for a few years.

53 miles of rain yesterday got home bone dry no thanks to my Held onesie

@ Pricetta, what a good idea with the dehumidifier! We always used a tiny little electric radiator that turned off after it got too hot, needless to say, the leathers never dried out properly.