Waterproof clock

I need to get one asap for my cbr!..looking on ebay and thought they’re kinda xpensive…are there any shops where i can get one from cheap £5-£6…preferably digital…i’m in Hackney, willing to travel into the city too…thx in advance

What about this one? :w00t:


What about a cheap digital watch, then velcro it to the clocks/bar etc?

Don’t be silly Alex, you know that’s not waterproof!

lol…i won’t be able to read the time with such a small clock…can’t you find me anything bigger? :wink:

Here you go, but you’re gonna have to replace the forks with SUPER ohlins! :hehe:



Perfect…thx alex…do u know if they take paypal? I hope p&p is not too much! :wink:

Just stick it in a bin bag