Waterloo Venue

Hey Cezar,

How was that Waterloo Pub Venue for Future LB Meets ?? I checked the area out on Google Earth and it looked promising !!

I suppose its got everything in the way of Location, Car Park and Access but what about the Landlord ?

Lets hope He/She isnt a “Blind” “Manic " I Rule the Road Skoda Driver” that pulls out on a Biker for Bar Stool Preaching Storys on a Sunday Lunch Time.

Looking forward to hearing about your progress.

I failed to get there Barro! It was pissing down when I left and my main intention was to take some photos of the area and have a chat with the manager. I will be going there later on as I want to see it at night as well. Looks very promissing!

Sounds good. What’s the low down?

Hi Mo,

Ceazar found a Pub on his Travels, Just up from Waterloo Station, just off the main drag, right on a corner and looks a busy through road, very nice sized car park (half the size of the ace) but decent.

Its an idea we have been speaking about that has basically arisen due to the Frith Saga, It was thought that another welcoming venue no matter what happens with Frith can only be an added bonus !!

Especially if the warm welcome goes as far as good food and sane prices !!

I have just got a PM from Ceazar and hes been down and took some photo,s to post so we can all have a gander and see what we think.

Seems a great spot looking at it and the surrounding areas and roads via Google Earth !!.

Was trying to read your post but felt like something, or someone was watching me

Good work fellas

is the lanlord up for it???

i mean us coming down, not gay sex

Ceazar has posted the pics in the "Picture and Video Forum…Looking good mate !!!

looks very good! let us prey, ok hands together

Flatout you have a thing for gay sex is there something we should all no about, bright yellow bike odd fetishes