I was listening to some radio phone in show last night and someone was talking about putting electrodes in a water and bicarbonate of soda solution to generate Hydrogen and Oxygen that is then added to the air intact of their car.

Here is a typical link http://www.water4gas.com/2books.htm

I can see that it would work but is it legal or really dangerous? Anyone come across this sort of thing before?

The physics is correct, an electric current will break water down to oxygen and hydrogen but even a car battery will do it so slowly you’d be better getting a donkey to pull your car, will make for a faster journey.

A modest car engine can consume 200 cu ft of air a minute, a performance car can double that. This is why nitrous oxide systems on cars and bikes only last a few minutes and are used in short bursts, it’s really adding oxygen to the engine but because the engine uses so much, even a large compressed cylinder only lasts a few mins at most.