water mains off - water still running

need to replace the toilet flush mechanism and to do so i need to turn the upstairs water off.

the indoors cutoff didnt seem to work - only turned the kitchen (ground floor) taps off.

so i turned off the main one thats outside the house with the same result? :blink:

surely the upstairs taps would be linked to the outside mains right?

No valve on the toilet inlet?
Is your water mains fed, or do you have a header tank? If so you will need for the tank to drain

as far as i know it is mains feed - the hot water is from a tank. i cant see a toilet inlet valve i’ll check again. nope no valve to isolate the toilet

my bet would be it’s getting a feed from a header tank.

but the taps/bath as well?

Big tank in the loft? Should be a valve on there too.

They’ll be a valve on the toilet inlet pipe

Chase the pipe that supplies the cistern back as far as you can, there should be an inline valve somewhere…

If you turned of the mains valve it’s gonna be hassle, you’ll have to drain all the water left in the system then you’ll have air in it when you switch back on…

def no valve inlet for the toilet… just goes into the wall. contacted the previous owners as well - they should know

Is it a copper pipe?

You could freeze it…

Conrad B (14/07/2012)

Is it a copper pipe?

You could freeze it…[/quote

yes i could also bit it with my teeth while i change the part. :rolleyes:

Haha! yes i suppose you could…

A plumbers merchant will sell you a freeze kit, you spray the pipe and it creates a frozen blockage that lasts for a few minutes, enough for you to change the flush mech

eg http://www.screwfix.com/p/pipe-freezing-kit-220ml/13369

thought you were joking there! apparently the previous owner says there is a cutoff hidden in the wall :ermm: so he is coming over to show me. good thing he moved two streets down the road!

If your hot water comes from a copper cylinder, you have a gravity fed system. There will be a large plastic tank in the loft, you need to go up and shut off the gate valve(s) from the tank. (red circular taps off BOTTOM of tank)
Yes you could drain the tank by running the bath tap until it stops but as ^ said you will get loads of air in system than can be a pain to remove.

Long enough to fit a ballvalve I would hope…:stuck_out_tongue:

all sorted. there was a cut off hidden in the wall - he had taped and painted over it! no way i would have found that

Go in the loft tie up the ball valve arm
drain water of through bath
change WC Parts
go back and release the ball valve

If your lucky

Each time you disconnect pipework to a tap or water outlet fit one of these

The 15mm are about a £1.00 each and the 22mm are £1.50 each at Screwfix when you buy the 10 pack and it makes those little plumbing just that little plumbing jobs :satisfied:

Did it look like this