water leak

okay, ive finally got my fzr running again after it sitting for a while, i have it running perfectly now but i have discovered 2 water leaks,

one from the bottom of the water pump which i will just replace so not too bad, but heres the annoying one… on the side of the cylinders i have 2 holes, one on each side which i belive are relief valves for the water but… when ever the bike is started water just comes tricling out of them untilt the whole water system is empty, when i give it throttle and hold it the water comes p!55!ing out!! any ideas??


Hi Chris,

Not to sure about the 2 holes you have mentioned, on the FZR there are 2 holes on either end of the cylinder these are a through channel to drain water if there is any where the plugs are, if water is spraying out check the pipe from the water reserve bottle to the radiator it pass over the cylinders. Hope this helps, let me know how you get along.

ah ha, so the water coming out of those holes could just be a result of the water coming out ffromt he pipe up the top… cheers sony!!