Water fueled engine


okay… first of all an internal combustion engine can’t fire on water… BUT any internal combustion engine can run on ANYTHING that has calorific value… you can run your engine on sugur beat or cooking fat etc etc… the important thing this guy says is it’s water ‘based’… right okay so what else is in there… if he has a very high level of glucose in there for example… the engine will run… or even a high level of alchohol will burn…


I would like to see the octane rating on that “oil” that emulsified with the water.

C12H22O11 + 13H2O —> 12CO2 + 48H+ + 48e-

This is the only way to extract mechanical energy from glucose and they said no batteries so thats a flop.

Diesel engines can burn SVO (straight vegetable oil) but it usually damages the engine, if you thin it with an organic solvent it should be fine. Glow plugs and super high compression forces are what accounts for the ignition of this and it doesnt produce emissions like ol’ baldy’s fuel did.

Ethanol because it forms an azeotrope with ambient atmosphere water has to have benzene or a similiar solvent put into it, this mixture is highly volatile and probably would explode if you stuffed burning paper into a container full.

If his box was just producing super hydrogenated water than his engine better be made of very very very non-corrosive metals or its shot, this fuel IF IT WOULD WORK would produce very marginal power.

Maybe his fuel actually allows for little fusion reactions to happen in the combusition chamber, then you would have lots and lots and lots and lots of power from it, I could then see why the oil would be having problems because the temps in the chamber would be around 1 million or so degrees C.

Something smells fishy for sure.

This is the reason why I posted this link to that movie here…

Those crazy Kiwis…