Watch out in France...

Dipped headlights all day and a hi-viz for all riders en France!

French motorway patrol officials say eight out of 10 drivers caught speeding in the Calais region every summer are British.

Half of UK motorists pulled over in July and August are doing more than 120mph, French police said.

Two traffic officers from Kent and a French linguist have now teamed up with a French Gendarmerie patrol on the A26 motorway south of Calais to discipline British drivers.

They are working alongside their French counterparts to remind our holidaymakers of the speed limits on French roads.

“Some British drivers treat French roads like a racetrack,” said Calais police lieutenant Patrick Vanderstraeten. "They think that as soon as they get abroad, the law doesn’t apply to them.

"Failure to keep to the speed limit has led to four deaths and 13 injured on the motorways of the Calais region since the start of this year.

“Half of the speeding offences detected at more than 200kph in this area have been committed by British drivers.”

So many British motorists now use the A26 motorway that illuminated roadside panels warning drivers to slow down are now be flashed up in English as well as French, he said.

He added: "The British sometimes refuse to pull over when waved down, and some even try to outrun police cars and get away. It’s like a game to them.

“We have several unmarked patrol cars capable of 170mph, so drivers should be warned they are unlikely to be able to get away from us.”

The speed limit on French motorways is 81mph in dry conditions and 65mph in the wet.

Experienced French motorists know they can drive up to 90mph without risking a speeding ticket, but any faster and they will be stopped.

The highest illegal speed ever recorded on the A26 is 153mph, clocked up by Sean Barlow, from Surrey, in November 2005. He was jailed for five days for dangerous driving.

The Anglo-French patrols in France this month are also providing leaflets with road safety advice on French roads and distributing high visibility vests - now compulsory in France - to British motorcyclists without one.

Chief Inspector Roscoe Walford, the head of Kent road policing, said: "We worked alongside the Gendarmerie to give and receive road safety advice, learn good practice, help with language difficulties, promote the Kent Police travelling abroad web page and observe French procedures.

“We can always learn something from our colleagues across local, regional and national borders and they can learn from us.”

Kent Police will host officers from the Gendarmerie Nationale in a similar operation in the UK in September.

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“We can always learn something from our colleagues across local, regional and national borders and they can learn from us.”

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There’s a brass plaque outside the Centre Universitaire de Mediterranean in Nice, proudly proclaiming it’s initials.

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I’m a regular driver/ rider in France and yes I’ve been caught for speeding on several occasions! The reason why 8/10 are British is that they target us!

Everytime I’ve got caught I’ve disputed that I was doing the claimed speed! There is no evidence to support their claimed speed, as each time I have been stopped 20 km further on from the event by a marked car that swerves in front of me!

Pay the fine or appear in court tomorrow! It’s easier to pay the fine than lose a days break in court.

I usually drive along at about 85 mph, the Germans, Dutch, French & Belgiums speed by at 100+, then I get done!

How does that work?

90+ is fine in France, if they try to stop you just accelerate as long as you`ve got a fast bike 180mph+

Maybe they will loose interest when they can give you points and you’re no longer just a cash cow…

I don’t think hi viz is compulsory on bikes in France. On the basis of just having ridden from Calais to the Swiss border and back, having exchanged hellos with a few french coppers (in towns, and at the toll points on the m-ways), and on the basis that only about 1% of other bikers were wearing them (most of those were tourists).

It IS compulsory to have a hi viz vest in France in case of an accident.

I’ve just come back from a holiday in france and I didn’t see any bikers wearing high viz vests- shorts and vests seem to be the order of the day. I hired a bike out there and wasn’t told I needed a high viz vest…Perhaps they are just required for motorway riding?

Hi-vis is compulsory for breakdowns and accidents for bikes - compulsory for all occupants of cars. Some mates came back last weekend and saw the combined French/British operation going on - so beware. Anyone who knows that last stretch of road will testify to the fact that it is well staked out with radar - three out of the last four visits I have made they have been on the last stretch with radar. We get very heavy fines over there but the French get fined very little over here. However the accident figures speak for themselves. Rural France - as long as you stick to the limits in towns you can do pretty much what you like elsewhere. Some of the motorcycle Gendarmes now have ZZR1400s so try outrunning those. Be particularly careful if there are any large motorsports events (especially MotoGP and Le Mans) going on in France or if you would have to travel through France as I have seen plain clothes motorcycle Gendarmes staking out the main through routes to these venues.

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