Watch out for Ass**le in black Audi A3

I was riding home along the Dorset road, Wimbledon taking a shortcut because of the gas works.
The car in front of me was slowing down because of the speed bumps so I was keeping my distance.
An Audi A3 started sitting up my ass, he was so close I could only see one headlight in my mirror. I tapped my brake lights, not even enough to slow down. Just before we reached the end of the road I was getting ready to turn left on to the main stretch back to Wimbledon and he undercut me, God knows how he found the space but he brushed my mirror! Started F*** and blinding at me saying he knew what I was doing and I mustn’t F$%^** try it with him.

After he took off he ended up turning into the industrial estate where the new Big Yellow Storage is…exactly where I go and turn around as a shortcut to head off towards the A217. He flashed up again as he thought I was following him.

Didn’t catch the number plate but if you see a mixed race asshle in black audi A3 watch out because he really is a dangerous Fcuker


What can I say, good that nothing happened to you.

Doesnt sound nice mate and I sympathise, but I seem to get one like that on average once a week. Usually its a BMW or, more recently, a Merc, though.

Find Neutral and turn the Volume up to about 6/7000rpm and flick the Bird…Calms me down;)

Thanks for the advice but doesn’t quite have the same effect on a cbr125…doing my DAS end of this month though.
Opening the throttle on a cbr125 in neutral gives the same sound effect as a pregnant fairy trying to take off. :smiley:

Had a similar one last night coming through Peckham.

Guy in a Black BMW 1 got the hump because I went in front of him at a set of lights. Further up the road at some more lights he pulled up in the bus inside me at some lights. We took off, he tried to force me across the road so he could get into lane, last I saw of him was him slamming his brakes on to stop going into the back of a bus. :smiley:

Unfortunately I don’t think it will be the last time and I’m sure I’ll be seeing him again next week.

I find the best thing to do in these circumstances is just let them go past if they are so desperate, they’re not worth the hassle. And I always end up filtering past them anyway when they next get stuck in traffic, which in London is usually about 20 seconds later!

you could always keep a few old spark plugs in your pocket. then when one of these foccers tries it, lob one through their windscreen. should do the job.

LOL :D. :D.

Sounds like the guys a psycho. He ‘knows what you’re up to’! WTF!

that sounds like brilliant advice… defo goin to try this one… thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry this happened to you but it is a bit irresponsable to make that statement, IF you had his number plate or some distinguishing marks then tell about it but to say a mixed race assh*le in a black Audi A3, come on

+1 and you arrive a lot less stressed at the end of your journey too.

Riding in London - this kind of carp is part of the parcel unfortunately.
A significant number of my close calls have been with BMWs, usually the older ones. Thing is if they’re gonna pull in front of you or something you beep to let them know you’re there, then THEY get the hump and act all offended. T0$$ers.

Hey RedZ, sorry didn’t understand what you meant by my “irresponsible” comment. If it’s because I said the guy was mixed race it’s because he appeared to be, he was driving a black A3 and if it’s because I said he was an A-hole that was pretty much a given…he almost killed me. My statement wasn’t racial or condescending, and my adrenalin was pumping a bit strong to take notice of his plate.

I could have not said anything at all but I’ve taken the step to describe the guy so if you end up next to an A3 thats getting pushy in traffic in South London to take it cautious how is that irresponsible?

Afterthought: If it’s the * language then I apologise in advance.


Good response to my comment :slight_smile: Not trying to be up in your face or nothing, but describing the car colour and driver colour leaves us to be suspicious of all mixed race drivers of black audi a3’s. Do you see my point? If you had noticed something to distinguish that driver or that car then post it and warn others, but such a broad description is not helpful.

Hope that clarifies my comment without starting an argument

Point taken, maybe not the best eye witness but it’s all I could offer up. I’ll try to take in a bit more next time someone tries to fill a London pothole with me.

No argument taken or given. :cool: :smiley:


next time it happens, slow down to 2-3mph and dont give him space to go around you (have your legs hanging though, incase the worst was to happen)

after 200odd yards of barely moving, people end up extremely pissed off and end up turning off to find another route.

childish it my seem, but it proves the point that their still an idiot in a car and there is no reason what so ever for them to be up your arse trying to make progress

Hang on a minute whats wrong with being initially cautiouse of the afforementioned, i am cautious ( not suspicious ) of variouse combinations of vehicle and driver which have in the past proved problematic to me untill i realise its not who/what it may have been . caution is good, narrow minded biggoted views are not.
We are mostly able tell the difference between the two and i personally think the description given could be helpfull or at least theres more chance of it being helpfull than harmfull.


I’m just generally cautious around Audis. And BMWs. And Mercedeseseses. And vans. Buses. Fords. Lexuses…

It definitely seems to be X5s and slightly older mid-range company saloons that are the most aggressive, though.