wat a morning!!!

and im still half asleep!!

morning paul!!
morning sony!!
morning mr jp!!!

hope ur all well and tickitybooooo:w00t:

Morning Gina and all

It`s ment to rain today so take care out there as the roads will be greasy.

Morning everyone, what a cold start.

Morning Gina.
Morning Paul.

Morning all, Ive just got in work (E3) and its now raining (I beat it:))

morning all long time no see hope everyone is cool, hows the bike gina?

morning all.

typical first of 2 days off and this is the weather i get, might as well go back to work.

morning lb, well i was unlucky and caught the rain all the way in!!! poxy rain




Good morning!!! :smiley:

Well it started off pants. Had to fold up a tonne of washing, find my son some boxershorts amongst the aforementioned tonne of washing and get him off to school. Fight to get his teeth cleaned, hair brushed, lunch packed and arse kicked… sigh*

The couldn’t find my pass for work. Looked in my car, on the table (also has tonnes of stuff on), coats - and gave up. Got on bike. Everything good. Went to cash point machine and it told me to get lost, went to mechanic and apologised for the delayed payment, got back on bike and had a blat to work. Now this won’t sound like a big deal to - well most of you, but I over took two cars, a lorry and did 80mph! :w00t: I think I can safely say that my confidence is growing and I love my bike even more everyday I ride it. The wind doesn’t bother me so much, still get scared silly but in a good way.

So inspite of being late to work (guard let me in, found my pass on my desk:D ) and the stress of the morning - I get to ride home tonight and do it again tomorrow. :smiley: