wat a chopper!!!

thats wat you call a paint job!!!

thats fantastic, if ya had a few beers and saw that you would shlt yerself, lol.

thats wat i thought
!!! u would think ur going mad seeing that comeing towards u!!!

Amazing piece of paint work, and looks scary indeed. It take months to do that stuff, I believe.

So the Russian military budget didn’t quite stretch to the full ‘stealth’ the Americans managed. Hehe.

Great paint work, shame they don`t know how to fly the thing.

well funny jp!!!

Loving the paint job, wonder if he’s got matching leathers and lid?

Bloody hell, thats wicked… you wouldn’t want to see that after dropping a trip!! Freak the hell out of ya wouldn’t it!! :slight_smile:

i could av swan i`ve seen that b4