Wasted on the yanks.

Why is this road not in this country:D

Oh and i think this could be TDJ’s new ride;)


Damn! I think I’m officially a crap rider after watching this :crying:

holy crap! :w00t:

He was definitely giving it some on that goldie. The lengths some old people will go to to get home in time for countdown…:stuck_out_tongue:

conclusion after the video: we live in the wrong country :smiley: if there was a road like that in England they would probably put lots of speed bumps on it and anyway this road would be against health and safety :smiley:

hes pretty quick in’e!:smiley:

seen it before tho, deals gap does look good, prefer the BCR tho:w00t::cool:

PJ (18/01/2011)

Why is this road not in this country:DOh and i think this could be TDJ’s new ride;)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nrMQ3QwyPo&feature=player_embedded[/quote]close but no cigar. :DHave a look at the tree of shame devils tail :slight_smile:

You reckon?

From what I’ve read over the years on American based forums, that whole stretch of road is actually a 30mph limit & policed far more aggresively than any road over here.

That’s not a road it’s a public race track! ******* yanks have it all, superb weather and perfect roads.