Washing machines....

Anybody on here know anything about them?

There a bit of a mystery to me too, I did hear of a Scotsman who cannibalised one into a bicycle a few years back.

Other than that I leave all that sort of thing to Mrs Art, although it might help if you gave out a few more details :ermm:

Dirty clothes and powder in, clean clothes out.
What`s to know?:slight_smile:

They live longer with Calgon?


Magic things aint they… you put one in the kitchen and yer clothes magically vanish from the bedroom floor and then turn up back in the drawer clean .

I know there are relatively heavy and not very handy to carry around (replaced one recently as noone want old one I put it outside the house, gone in less than 2 hours)


Don’t try that with the triple - gone in 6 seconds :w00t:

So what do you want to know.

According to the wife-let, it is doing everything else apart from spinning. The belt is connected but know absolute zero about them!

New belt then, sounds like it’s slipping :slight_smile:

and they now seem to have moved into that “its cheaper to replace than fix” category.

I sneer at that philosophy, and laugh in the face of ‘no user serviceable parts inside’ stickers :slight_smile:

Could be the clutch:

Or you could sling a brick in it and see what happens:

My mums got one, want her number? :smiley:

absolutely agree.

Your wife-let might have to take your washing down the riverbank and scrub it on the rocks for a while. Just like they used to.

Is it pumping the not spinning, is it not pumping and not spinning, or is it pumping, but not shifting the water and then not spinning?

Different issues with different solutions.

Most machines won’t spin if the drum is still full of water so if water is stopping it spin it is the water you need ot address not the spinning.

Agreed, if you have the tools and the knowledge, if you’re paying someone to investigate, in a lots of cases its cheaper to buy … depends on age and usage of machine. One part goes they all seem to follow. And as always it depends on your financial circumstances. If you earn £20 an hour, if its going to take you 5 hours to research and fix, plus part costs,… why

Is it 20 before or after tax?


more like £10 - tax and insurance