Washing Machine Self-Destructs


And DJ Washing Machine


Washing machines are full of spring mounted concrete to stabilise them. You don’t need a brick to do that, a load of wet washing will do the same if you take the concrete ballast out. As the machine goes over you can see all the ballast has been removed. A brick is obviously easier to insert into the machine when it is running than a fortnight’s worth of wet smalls.

HAHAHAHAH!!! :smiley: Love it!

Okay… Right… did you type this is the style of Jack Dee, or something?

Should there be a Boom-tish! at the end of that?

Here, picture for you

def sabotage though, not self destruction :w00t:

No, but I wanted people to know they can safely put a brick in their washing machine without fear it would destroy itself. :smiley: