Washed me bike in the dark!!!!

My bike was seriously dirty and I mean dirty. I hate washing it with a passion such a chore. Anyway started at half six and it got dark so quick had to finish it in the dark

I had forgotten how nice it looks clean though wish it would stay like it. That brings me to my next question.

Jay: you down the ace tomorrow night and could you take some pics of it for me please?

hehe I thought you was gonna ask Jay to polish it for you then! :slight_smile:

I’ve done that washing bike in the dark thing… looks well streaky and badly washed in the morning though! :slight_smile:

Now theres an idea. Jay you any good at polishing?

Quick tip well I found it works This is the hard work bit wash bike I mean total clean

Auto Glym do this top polish Ultra Deep Shine wipe it on let it dry to a powder take ti off with soft clean cloth. do not get on hard grainy placy bits leaves white marks smells of apples found that once done less crud sticks to the bike.

No, won’t be there, got other arrangements. Sorry!

I always wash my bike after midnight… I never have time earlier. Actually, I have a bucket full of water ready waiting till I finish posting here

I’ll bring my camera Terry.

I too shall be there with my dirty bike … hardly ever gets washed! … and I’ll have my camera with me.

Who else is doing the Ace tonight?

Me, its Motard night