Was there a camping trip to wiltshire?

Or there abouts?

My sister’s boyfriend said he was camping in the same field as some bikers who were with a white LB van.

He said LBrs applauded his wheelies etc on his motorcross. This was around July time this year. I remember seeing some pics from a bbq and a fit bird on a bike (which someone went back for?). Not sure if that is the same event. He said pics were taken of him and his mate.

So if you remember Darren and a mate doing his stuff or have any pics be good to see em and this chance meeting. Oh he also said there were new age travellers with bongos and fire eating or something.

Yes definately - that sounds to me like the second LB summber bash at the Barge Inn - yes I remember the guys on the dirt bikes, think we have a photo of them in the gallery…


It was a really good party actually - say hi from us :slight_smile:

cheers, found a couple of pics from Charlies link. small world.