Was poppin everyone.....

Yo London Bikers,

I’m Hypa Lt at Arm and Senior Divsion Leader Ruff Ryders Europe (UK Division). I thought I should pass by and grace the site as I saw that a few have done the same on ours. WWW.RUFFRYDERSEUROPE.COM One name that I do remeber is Shewolf nuff respect for passing thru and showing some love. I know a few may have already met two of the RR member at Newbie Night this week. But because I have no bike at the moment I couldnt make it. But hopefully I’ll be meeting all of you very soon.

Until then ride safe and and keep the the rubber side down!!!

Hey fella, welcome to LB! Interesting set of credentials… Care to divuldge some stories and pics?


Welcome aboard

hey hypa,


i’m a bit of a DMX fan,i have browesed through the RR europe site before didnt know there was a euro division until i found it!?

Hi and welcome aboard mate.


Hello Hypa, how many times you gonna introduce yourself and advertise your site?


Dont be soo naughty goose Welcome to the forum hypa

Welcome stick some pics of ure ride online…

welcome to LB

welcome to lb

hay and welcome

Hi Hypa

Is that you… my son…Happy Days

Wanna say thank you to everyone for such warm welcome. I got a chance to meet more of you at the newbie meeting last night and that was fun. Mike is a VERY “FUNNY” guy. (Just playing) But for real it was good to meet up with you all. I’m looking forward to getting down to the new location. Would be fun. As it is near work I can just pop in when I finish.

See you all again soon.