It has been brought to my attention via our pleasant Moderators, that i have insulted individuals AND groups of individuals (same time? who knows)…and that i spelt out swear words to make them come out on the forum?? (i own up i may have done on a few occasions, to make my point, err, but NO more than anyone else on the forum?)

I have formally been given a “yellow card” for my “behaviour” on this forum…err maybe i should post up pics of womans pierced private parts all hanging out, penises with piercings and the like that was allowed on the so called adult section !!!

If you could let me know who it is that i have “insulted” in such a dramatic way that they are scared for their life i would like to apologise and buy you a drink to prove that i am in NO WAY abusive to ANYONE on this site ( i have made comments about the way moderators carry out their business maybe, and i can send pms from OTHER LB’rs that feel the same which shows i am not the only person with views like that…but seemingly the only one that merits the yellow card )

SO maybe the yellow card was for the post about the moderators and my opinion on the way they moderate…in which case i have not insulted anyone and this yellow card business is void…OR should i ask for an investigation as to WHO the moderator is that felt they should pm me this warning and tell me who it was i insulted so i can meet them and put it right, as i do NOT insult people on a forum, i do it to their face !

So Weaver, if you could check out who complained i would like to meet them or the “group” you say i insulted and talk it through…yellow card or not…i say again,. …there is no one i have insulted on this forum, any more than others on the site have…and its never done in a threatening manner, or violent manner, and i took it that THOSE were the reasons for being warned…

Well you never insulted me so i,

Wait a moment yes - yes you did - you cut me to the quick when you called my bike ‘nice lookin’ and not ‘bloody sex on knobbly tires’ - I’m deeply hurt and…

,mines a Stella ta!!:laugh:

PMSL…ok, i will let that one creep in…but only if u are on the rideout on sunday?..then u get your stella !! (but i still get yellow carded)

Nope, didn’t insult me…but people I know have left this site because of their interpretations of over moderating…I must admit that sometimes I cannot be bothered replying to a thread because it will either be deleted, or be deemed to offensive.
Blade, I like you would tell people to their face what I thought of them and not go running to the nearest mod to ‘sort’ out the problem, either by PM or at a meet will do… you’ll be surprised the amount of people that will give it a large one on here and then when you next see them they are as quiet as a mouse !!

Rant over.

Thanks Gixxerboy i understand what u are saying and know of people who hardly post on here anymore because of same as you said?

BUT my thread is to find out WHO it was i insulted, then i can find out why they think i insulted them?..its the GROUP i insulted im really interested in?..

So, at the moment, i havent insulted anyone, so do you think my yellow card peril was merited? And who is the mysterious moderator that saw fit to discuss my thread that insulted all these people and then discussed it with all the other moderators to decide to carry out that “final warning”…???

If we cant find out who it was that i insulted, so that i can rectify the poor persons feelings (or group of people dont forget) then how can i have had a warning? Dont you need evidence for these sort of things to be given out? And if this is an adult forum? isnt the person accused given the means to correct the situation with the person/persons with the grievance against me?

Who knows, it could have affected them so much they may wait for me at a meet or rideout soley to have a row???

you have never insulted me … personally nor my intelligence…

we are all different that is why this site is so interesting…lets keep it that way

Hi Sal…thing is? I AM thinking of leaving the forum now…seriously. Ive been on it a few months, i may say what i feel and how i see things? and thought this forum was of the like? if there is handbags at dawn stuff sometimes, its all forgotten next day…but obviously someone on here as seen fit to have me down as someone who insults and abuses the forum with my posts (ie swearing ???)

And if thats the case, i cant be associating with people that will stab me in the back as soon as something may make them feel upset for 5 damn mins (notice i didnt say f***ing). I like to think ive got genuine mates (and loads on here so far ARE my mates) who will help each other out when needed…blimey look what youve just done for BCW ??? Not some who dont like what i might have said on this forum…and not got the balls to tell me to my face so we can discuss it out?..what sort of crap is that (is crap allowed?)

hey blade plz insulted me …hahahahahaha

Umm…another satisfied customer mods !

Keep up the good work !

HMMM one minute its here, next its gone, then it appears again??? So WHO asked for this thread to be pulled…not the originator …then it comes back again !! Whos drunk tonight?

Any mods care to comment ?

Oh i see? its been moved to off topics so no one can see it and help me find out who i insulted so i can put it right by them?..nice move…

Hi blade, we have not met yet I am but a newbie… I would be saddened to see you leave this site…

It should go without saying that all of us would never intentionally cause hurt or upset however, I firmly believe that we should all be entitled to our opinion…And so you have just had mine !

I have enjoyed many of your quips and your shoot from the hip style…Never apologise for who you are or what you believe in… .

Ann x

Hi there weeannie? we will meet for sure some time…thats no prob…but even if i do decide not to chat to my mates on here and conform to the “goodnite johnboy” attitude some would like on here? (its like when u go online to a chatroom and all u get is hello so and so, then so and so goes oh hello, then someone else comes on and goes hello room, and the room goes, hello …BORING !!!

But it doesnt mean i cant meet up with you at the ace or rideouts etc…the world dont revolve around londonbikers and its a shame more of us are seeing it for what certain people are trying to change it into and im sure the originator didnt want this either !!! (probably get another warning for having a straightforward comment now !)

AWW woteva…i will still see you all out and about me dear (smile)…

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